If you are searching for a Title Company or Real Estate Attorney in Frederick, Maryland look no further!

Why choose Salisbury & McLister, LLP?

Salisbury & McLister, a title company in Frederick, Maryland has an honest, professional, friendly and helpful staff dedicated to assisting you in settlement on the purchase of a new or existing home, refinance a mortgage loan, construction loan, land loan or commercial loan.  Purchasing real estate is always a big investment and we take pride in assisting you in closing this important transaction. We can assist in contract preparation for any For Sale by Owner (FSBO) transactions as needed. Salisbury & McLister is proud to give you a professional, but comfortable environment for your settlement. We offer competitive fees and we will also do our best to meet your scheduling needs. Tod P.Salisbury & Patrick F. McLister have worked hard to earn the trust and respect of real estate agents, as well as lenders, which has made us the top choice in the real estate settlement business! Contact us if you are looking for a Real Estate Attorney in Frederick, Maryland.

Salisbury & McLister can also help you with wills, as well as your small business needs such as LLC's or Incorporating.

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